Fabulous finds for little locals

To celebrate the most chilled-out babies in America, we’ve pulled together a Pinterest board full of baby gifts that are so LA.

Sprinkles introduces gender reveal cupcakes

There’s a new reason to be excited about having a gender reveal party (besides, you know, revealing the sex of your baby): gender reveal cupcakes from Beverly Hills-based Sprinkles.

Introducing party kits from the Little Host

Lots of moms hire event planners for their babies’ birthdays. But lots of moms don’t. For the latter, Party City doesn’t always cut it. Enter the Little Host, a new Santa Monica-based website offering thoug…

Früute puts a modern spin on a classic gift

We were bummed when West Hollywood tart shop, Früute, shuttered its doors. But we’ve gotta say, their new line of gorgeously curated gift baskets—cheekily called “Früute Baskets”—is pretty fab.

Half Baked Co. opens its first storefront in Burbank

We always do a little happy dance when our kids are invited to birthday parties featuring treats from Half Baked Co. So you can imagine the full-on celebration we had over the weekend when the health-minded…

Dylan’s Candy Bar Sweetens LA

We know, we know. Sugar is a bad idea for kids. But we can’t help being excited about Dylan’s Candy Bar, which opens its first-ever west coast store this week.

A birthday party band with street cred

There’s something about a former Ray Charles backup singer with a box drum and a bag of props that seems way cooler than the usual birthday party gigs.

Beachy Cream opens in Santa Monica

Kids like ice cream. Parents like organic ingredients. So it’s hardly a shocker that Beachy Cream has developed a cult following over the past two years, serving 100 percent organic ice cream cones, cups, a…

Zookie’s opens its first store

Despite the warm and fuzzy appeal of homemade gifts, not everyone has the patience or time to jump on the DIY bandwagon. That’s why we’re kinda crazy about Toluca Lake’s new shop, Zookies . . . .

The Best Party Balloons In LA

We knew that cakes could be shaped like Lightning McQueen or Hello Kitty, but we had no idea the trend had hit the balloon sphere. So here we are with the latest way to go totally overboard for your kid’s b…

A swanky new baby event comes to town

Trade shows and consumer showcases are hit or miss. Most often they’re a total drag. But we kinda like the sound of Plush, the “posh little urbanites show” being hosted at the Vibiana hotel in downtown L.A.…

They had us at “disco parties for toddlers”

Hollywood’s latest addition to the play space market has siblings in mind. In addition to the usual dance, art, and gym offerings for older tots, Romp (opening April 30th) features a 3’s-and-under room . . …