UrLife puts you in the movies
When veteran Hollywood producer Jack Giarraputo (Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, Blended) retired early to spend more time with his kids, he found himself wishing that he could preserve the moments of their childhood in a…
Where to make DIY gifts in LA
For Father’s Day, we are all about putting the kids to work on something homemade. If you're short on ideas, try one of these crafting sessions around town. Paint a ceramic platter ($45) at Studio City’s Color Me Mine. …
Learn to take better photos of your favorite subject
Have baby, buy fancy camera. That’s the usual order of things. Problem is, there’s more to great photographs than a nice lens. Enter Caroline Tran, a weddings-and-families photographer (and mother of a 2-year-old) who’s…
Chic holiday cards by local designers

‘Tis the season of photo cards—a great time to support local artists. The LA-based gals at Social Type offer their super-clean, contemporary holiday cards through Minted.

Great spots for taking pictures of your baby

Larissa Underwood has a knack for photographing LA babies against cool, iconic backdrops. Considering many of us are on the hunt for a holiday card photo right about now, we asked Underwood to reveal her fa…

A lovely way to teach your daughter everything you know

As a contributing editor for DailyCandy Kids and half the force behind DIY hotspot, Prudent Baby, Jaime Morrison Curtis spends a lot of time doling out advice to moms . . .And now, the LA native has blessed…

Where to find healthy basket goodies in LA

Cellophane grass and Peeps don’t go over the way they used to. We’ve searched all over town to find the healthiest, most eco-friendly, and of course the cutest fillers for a modern tot’s Easter Basket.

Silhouette pro Karl Johnson comes to Zookies

Karl Johnson has become something of a legend for his ability to produce near-perfect likenesses of even the squirmiest babies in 90 seconds or less.

A cool service that deals with all your home videos.

We like the idea of Your Little Film, a Los Angeles-based company started by a father-filmmaker on a mission to help overwhelmed parents to do something cool with all those family videos.

What to do with all those pictures

We found something cool to do with at least a few hundred of your digital photos: commission Mosaic Pix to create a portrait of your kid.

Surviving the preschool waitlist

Unfortunately for many of us, the preschool application process includes some time spent in waitlist purgatory. It’s a bummer, yes, but it’s not the end of the world according to Betsy Brown Braun, local pr…

Where to find decent Father’s Day cards

It shouldn’t be so freaking difficult to a find Father’s Day card that doesn’t feature a beer can, football game, or remote control on the cover—not to mention, “For my Husband” in cheesy, scripty font. Ugh…