Rosie Pope launches in-store infant care classes

Rosie Pope’s Pregnant in Heels show may have its haters, but celebs sure do love her maternity wear. Now, the high-profile prenatal empress is partnering with the Pump Station to host baby care classes in h…

Seasonal faves from top baby boutiques

Despite the torrential rain earlier this week, spring is in the air—and in stores. The owners of three of our favorite shops gave us the rundown on their top picks for the season.

The Petunia Pickle Bottom flagship opens in Ventura

We know Ventura is a bit of a schlep, but if you’re en route to Ojai or Santa Barbara—or if you just really like Petunia Pickle Bottom—check out the cheery brand’s new brick-and-mortar store in downtown Ven…

Adorable gifts for your newest sweetheart

Valentine’s Day doesn’t seem quite so cheesy when you’re celebrating with a new baby.

littlefox delivers eco-chic goodies for babies

We know, we know. Enough with the monthly subscription services already. But we just have to tell you about one more: littlefox.

Little Twigs debuts its ecofab webshop

There’s really no excuse for not raising a baby in a green environment. Especially when companies like Little Twigs make it so darn easy.

How to design a nursery right here in LA

People are into owls these days. We get it. But for something a little less mainstream, we like the idea of decorating the nursery with Los Angeles flair.

Introducing pipopipo infant socks

Watch out, Trumpette. There’s a new (and pretty flippin’ cute) line of baby socks in town.

Intentions Linens aims to help tired parents sleep

The whole thing about new parents being sleep deprived is such a cliché—because it’s true. And half the time it’s not even crying babies that keep us awake, but rather parental anxiety and mental to-do list…

Fall’s new “it” staple for tots

If ever there were a time and place for vests, it’s autumn in LA. And this year, according to Ron Robinson buyer Jennifer Kunski, toddlers will be rocking them in faux fur.

Los Angeles-loving tees for tots

Los Angeles kind of struggles with the whole city pride thing. But while we might not have a slogan quite as robust as “I Heart NY,” we do have some darned cute LA tees for babies and tots.

Sweet nursery décor from LA-based Etsy designers

As much as we *adore* popular design houses like Serena & Lily, Oilo, and Dwell, sometimes it’s nice to decorate the nursery with a few pieces that aren’t on every expecting mom’s wish list. So we’ve rounde…

Honest Co. introduces trainers and swim diapers

When we first announced the launch of Jessica Alba’s Honest Company last winter, a lot of you rolled your eyes at the idea of another celebrity-endorsed product. But six months later . . . .

PetitNest founder, White Collar star, and toddler mom

It’s hard not to adore Tiffani Thiessen. And not just because we all grew up envying her adorableness on Saved by the Bell and 90210.