Wolfum introduces play tents with style

LA mom and Wolfum owner Annabel Inganni was an apparel and accessories designer for almost a decade before she launched her home goods company in 2010.

Fabulous finds for little locals

To celebrate the most chilled-out babies in America, we’ve pulled together a Pinterest board full of baby gifts that are so LA.

Rosie Pope launches in-store infant care classes

Rosie Pope’s Pregnant in Heels show may have its haters, but celebs sure do love her maternity wear. Now, the high-profile prenatal empress is partnering with the Pump Station to host baby care classes in h…

Make Meaning opens in Thousand Oaks

Everything you need for seven different crafts—and no cleanup? Sounds good to us.

Seasonal faves from top baby boutiques

Despite the torrential rain earlier this week, spring is in the air—and in stores. The owners of three of our favorite shops gave us the rundown on their top picks for the season.

Sprinkles introduces gender reveal cupcakes

There’s a new reason to be excited about having a gender reveal party (besides, you know, revealing the sex of your baby): gender reveal cupcakes from Beverly Hills-based Sprinkles.

The Petunia Pickle Bottom flagship opens in Ventura

We know Ventura is a bit of a schlep, but if you’re en route to Ojai or Santa Barbara—or if you just really like Petunia Pickle Bottom—check out the cheery brand’s new brick-and-mortar store in downtown Ven…

Adorable gifts for your newest sweetheart

Valentine’s Day doesn’t seem quite so cheesy when you’re celebrating with a new baby.

smallSHOP Art School launches in-home organic baking classes

smallSHOP Art School owner Sage Raval is bringing her artsy inclinations into the kitchen (your kitchen, that is) with custom Mommy-and-Me Organic Baking classes.