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Branching Out

Little Twigs debuts its ecofab webshop

There’s really no excuse for not raising a baby in a green environment. Especially when companies like Little Twigs make it so darn easy. Founded by LA mama Lisa Julian, the new Earth-minded e-tailer is meticulously curated, offering stylish and thoughtfully designed baby and toddler products including Goatmilk’s upscale organic children’s undergarments, fantastic recyclable dollhouses from Lille Huset, and the cute, retro-inspired Norway line Blafre—as well as local, LA-produced eco lines like Kalon Studios, Nurseryworks and Dr. Robin. We’re beyond excited for the brick-and-mortar version of the shop, which is set to open in Santa Monica this spring. Julian plans to add her own collection of organic clothing to the boutique’s offerings. Until then, enjoy free shipping on all products sold via their webshop.