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Better Looking Boo-Boos

Latex-free bandages with style 

Cute bandages have a way of reigning in boo-boo drama. That’s why we’re kinda jazzed about Pretty Strips, a stylish and latex-free bandage brand recently launched by two LA moms. They're fashioned out of Washi tape, a Japanese masking tape made with rice paper—so they're easy to remove. We're digging some of the quirkier designs, like the orange Halloween ones with black cat faces and the white strips with black mustaches http://www.pretty-strips.com/#!product/prd1/940508454/mustache-%2F-black-stripe-bandages. For a classic look, check out the sweet heart and quatrefoil and stars and stripes styles. Each pack contains eight bandages for $6.50. Order them online or pick up a tin at Poppy in the Brentwood Country Mart (225 26th St., Santa Monica) or Urbanic Paper (1644 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice).