It's All In The Planning
Watching your child struggle is hard. And local mom Katherine Eskovitz knows what it’s like. So she launched Have a Plan Books, designed to help young ones create their own plans-of-action to get through tough situations. Topics range from daily … Continued
Westside patients of Children’s Hospital no longer have to trek all the way across town: a new outpatient center has opened in Santa Monica. Staffed by ten pediatric clinicians, the facility is equipped with seven exam rooms where parents can … Continued
Squash That Entitlement
Little ones can be pretty self-centered—which is reason enough to attend Babytalk LA’s “How To Raise A Thankful Child” event. Happening on November 11 from 6:30pm to 8pm at Turning Point School’s auditorium, the free workshop will be led by … Continued
Fueling Toddler Obsessions
--Photo by JellyBean Pictures Toddlers are damn serious when it comes to their favorite things. For parents inclined to indulge them, here are the coolest spots to feed three popular infatuations. Cars. The Metropolis II exhibit at LACMA (5905 Wilshire … Cont…
Authentic Halloween Creepiness
Spiders scare the living hell out of most of us here at StrollerTraffic. But since we know quite a few toddlers who think they're awesome, we mustered up the courage to investigate the Natural History Museum’s new Spider Pavilion. And … Continued
Easier Bottle Prepping
Whipping up a bottle in the middle of night can be a real pain in the %#&. So while it's not totally necessary, we think the new Tender Touch Baby Formula Maker is genius. Westwood mom and electronic engineer Michelle … Continued
Helpful Mealtime Extras
We’ve had our eye on Poncho Baby ever since Hollywood mom of two, Carolina Toro-Gerstein, launched the awesome poncho-style nursing cover last year. And now the collection has expanded to include other useful feeding-time items: there’s the Baby Bibbi, a set …
Cute bandages have a way of reigning in boo-boo drama. That’s why we’re kinda jazzed about Pretty Strips, a stylish and latex-free bandage brand recently launched by two LA moms. They're fashioned out of Washi tape, a Japanese masking tape … Continued
The New Doctors In Town
Our friends in New York rave about Tribeca Pediatrics. So we've got high hopes for their two Los Angeles locations, opening next month. The first office will open in Venice (3023 Washington Blvd.), followed by a Silver Lake (2920 Sunset … Continued
Some Help For First-Timers.
Babies don’t come with instructions. So for those who are expecting one, Babytalk LA’s new Expecting Parents Group should be helpful. Held at its Beverly Hills location (8580 Wilshire Blvd.), the eight-week series covers topics like prenatal and postnatal wel…
Truly Great Basics
It’s been a while since we’ve seen everyday wear that has all the right stuff: style, comfort, versatility, eco-friendly fabrics, and charitable awareness. Monkey see, monkey do fits the bill. Created by Shiri Willcot (a local mom with a background … Continue…
Bath Time Just Got Better
It's great when a baby skincare goes the non-toxic route. Even better when the charge is led by a local mom. Founded a year ago by LA mom Jesse Laiken, Le Bébé Coo is bringing its fabulous products to the … Continued
Cute Baby Looks For Fall
The leaves may not change around here, but our kids still need new clothes for fall. Here, owners and buyers at the city’s top baby and toddler stores let us in on their favorite finds for the season. Pumpkinheads owner … Continued
Change can be tough on toddlers. Like really tough. Graduating to a big-kid bed, eliminating the pacifier, potty training. Twigtale wants to help with all of it. Founded by LA parents Carrie Southworth and Nishad Chande, the site specializes in … Continued
If babies came with a manual, ideally it would look a lot like Created by LA-based social workers and Sleepy Planet co-founders Jill Spivack and Jennifer Waldburger, the new parent educational site offers loads of short, how-to video courses …