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A Tempting Way To Shop

littlefox delivers eco-chic goodies for babies

We know, we know. Enough with the monthly subscription services already. But we just have to tell you about one more: littlefox. Delivering “packs of awesomeness” for little ones ages 0-2, the latest box-of-the-month club sounds a little cooler than the others. Each 100 percent recycled/recyclable cardboard box of goodies contains 3-5 modern, sustainably designed products, from clothing and accessories to gear and toys. We love that the founders—an LA-based mom and her sister—are focused on spotlighting local green wares made by independent designers. This month’s pack includes cool finds like an organic aviator hat, a reusable baby food pouch, and Tegu’s pocket pouch prism. Bonus: the contents of each month’s packs are always displayed on the website. So, what you see is what you get.

A subscription to littlefox costs $37.95 per month; each pack has a total retail value of $50-$70.