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A Private Art Class For Toddlers

Introducing the Mini Paintbrush

We love the idea of a former elementary school art teacher traveling around Los Angeles with a big bucket of art materials and a drop cloth—setting up private art classes in families’ homes. That’s the concept behind the mini PAINTBRUSH, recently started by Larchmont Charter alum Emily Wagner. Wagner, who’s also a professional artist with a line of buzzed-about canvas pillows, helps to develop little ones’ creativity by creating fridge-worthy artwork with things found in around your home: leaves glued on paper, grass dipped in paint, stick sculptures. For the youngest set (ages 14-24 months), Wagner offers a Parent and the mini PAINTBRUSH class, where grown-ups explore shapes, colors, and textures with their toddlers by dipping cotton balls in food coloring, gluing crumpled up tissue paper on construction paper, and creating their first circles by dunking paper cups into paint then pressing them onto paper. Each 75-minute class includes 15 minutes of cleanup, and costs $150 for up to four kids; all art materials are included in the price.