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A new way to unload all your baby crap

Kindspark connects givers and takers

Kids make waste like nobody’s business—outgrowing clothes, losing interest in toys. And there you are left wondering, What can I do with all this crap? Well, let’s all do a little happy dance about Kindspark, a new online community where members can post pictures of slightly used toys, books, clothes, and gear that they’d like to give to families in their community. “It’s a pretty simple idea,” says founder (and LA dad) Jon Jergens. “You needed it then. Someone else needs it now. So why not pay it forward to the people who live near you?” New members can sign up (for free) through their Facebook accounts and create profiles that explain who they are and what they have, or need. From there, members can either “apply” for available items by neighborhood, or upload photos of items they want to “kindspark” (read: give away). Givers hand-pick their receivers, from a list of applicants. It’s totally genius. And of course, the more things you kindspark, the more Karma points you receive.