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A New Organic Ice Cream Shop

Beachy Cream opens in Santa Monica

Kids like ice cream. Parents like organic ingredients. So it’s hardly a shocker that Beachy Cream has developed a cult following over the past two years, serving 100 percent organic ice cream cones, cups, and sandwiches from their roving S’cream Truck and Santa Monica Mall kiosk—and as of this past weekend, from a 1950s-inspired ice cream shop in Santa Monica. “It all began when my mom put our cousin’s candied ginger ice cream between my great grandmother’s molasses spiced cookies,” says co-owner Beth Stockwell, whose uniquely delicious ice cream sandwiches carry SoCal-themed names like Ginger Wipe Out, Strawberry Surfer Girl and Surfin’ Safari Chocolate Chip. You’ll also find twelve creative flavors of ice cream (inspired by ingredients handpicked at the farmers’ market) at the new shop, where everything—even the cones and toppings—is organic. Bonus: Beachy Cream is now catering birthday parties, too, with a mobile cart and friendly scoopers decked out in old-school beach duds. Super cute.   

Beachy Cream
1209 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica
877.299.7557; beachycream.com