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A New Kind Of Clean

Kidscounter enters the non-toxic bath care scene

Truthfully, the only baby bath products we'll even consider at this point are the non-toxic ones. Fortunately more and more brands are going that route. The latest? Kidscounter. Developed by Santa Monica-based Beautycounter, the whimsical line was rated on the low end of the scale by the Environmental Working Group. (And while there are debates over the holiness of the EWG Bible, a low rating generally means you'll be sudsing up your baby with something safe.) In the case of Kidscounter, the nut-free, gluten-free, pH-balanced Nice Do shampoo, Not A Knot conditioner, and Squeaky Clean body wash formulations rely on the power of fruits like pomegranates, cranberries, and strawberries—along with vegetables like broccoli and carrots—to nourish and soften delicate skin and hair. Tots will dig the shampoo’s creamsicle-inspired fragrance, berry-scented body wash, and yummy clementine vanilla conditioner.

The Kidscounter collection comes as a set and can be purchased for $42 at beautycounter.com