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Tie One On

Custom onesies for dapper tots

DIY rocks a lot of moms’ worlds. But it bores some, and scares the BeDazzler out of others. That’s why there are companies like We Choose Joy. The Dallas-based baby apparel site offers an easy-peasy Design Your Own option to decorate boys’ onesies with cute necktie appliques: select a bodysuit color, size (zero to 18 months), and applique pattern—fabric choices range from a patriotic stripe to a Pucci-inspired neon number. New for the Fourth, We Choose Joy also has a handful of readymade Americana onesies for boys and girls, including a US map design splashed with stars. Outfits are machine washable and appliques are super secure, sewn into eco-friendly felt made from recycled water bottles. Starting at just $13 apiece, they play it safe with prices, too.
We Choose Joy