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SPF That Won’t Cause A Tantrum

Powder sunscreen is one way to go

Skincare experts say the most effective sunscreen is the rub-it-in kind. But for a quickie application—or for squirmy, squealing toddlers—we like the idea of brushing it on, fairy-dust style. To use the new (and all-natural) Brush on Block, created by local beauty guru Susan Posnick, just pop off the cap, twist to release a small dose of SPF 30 mineral powder sunblock, and gently dust the soft brush along your little one’s scalp, face, arms, legs—wherever. The invisible sunscreen is sweat and water resistant, and is available for around $30 at Bodybar and Tallulah Belle, or online for $24.94 at brushonblock.com.
4514 Travis St. Ste 125, Uptown

Tallulah Belle
2011 Abrams Rd., Lakewood