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Postpartum Fitness, Digitized

A new and high-tech way to lose the baby weight

Understanding that the new mom lifestyle is all about efficiencies, Koko FitClub employs digital technology to create targeted workouts for postpartum mothers. The Fit Mom program, as it's called, begins with a full body assessment (body composition, lean muscle levels, heart health, baseline strength); based on your measured fitness level, a workout plan is uploaded to a thumb drive that you can insert into the gym’s “Smartraining” machines (treadmills, ellipticals, weight machines). The computers on every machine read the drive and move you through the workout step-by-step, keeping track of how you're doing, and adjusting the program each week as you get into shape. Each workout takes 45 minutes. An annual membership is $89 per month.
Koko FitClub
100 N. Kimball Ave., Southlake
817.488.5552; kokofitclub.com