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Important Papers

Fabric-backed birth announcements

We’re not willing to lose the battle to digital baby announcements just yet. In fact, the thicker the paper the better. So we kinda flipped when we discovered HB Designs, a Dallas stationery company that hand makes custom announcements framed and backed with fabric. (Beautiful.) Meet with owner Heather Centurioni to mull over card size, style, text, and whether to include a pic of the peanut. Provide your own textile (a bolt from the baby’s custom crib bedding, perhaps?) or choose from Centurioni’s 100-plus fabrics, which range from pink roses to African safari animals. Bring along a sentimental sketch or a replica of your nursery mural and she can even have the doodles turned into custom fabric. From $3.80 per card; no minimum order required.

HB Designs
To orders email Heather at hb@hbdesigns.net or call 972-379-9423