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Grab Their Attention

Glass-blowing demos make for a fun outing

Glass and toddlers? We know. Odd combination. But on the first Friday and second Saturday of every month, local artist Carlyn Ray (who designed the cool glassware at Nobu, pictured) opens her Design District studio to curious onlookers—and shows them a really good time. Kids of all ages are welcome for the first hour of the glass-blowing demonstration (from 5pm to 6pm), when she crafts bowls, vases, sculptures and other pieces while asking younger observers for their input on colors and design. She’ll whip up a glass sea turtle, fashion a fish, or even create something special for anyone wanting to purchase a piece of her work. At the next demo on February 7 and 8, Ray says she will be working on glass flowers for Valentine’s Day (which can be purchased for $20 each), and bowls and vases ($85). The demos are free to attend.
Carlyn Ray Design Studio
1820 Irving Blvd., Design District