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A new post-swaddle option for toddlers

Swaddle weaning can be a nightmare. Some moms we know swear by the Zipadee-Zip, a star-shaped wearable blanket that gives babies a womblike balance of resistance and freedom as they develop. So it’s great to hear that Stephanie Parker, the Fort Worth mom who invented the genius sleeper, has come up with a more mature version for tots who are growing out of their Zipadee-Zips: the Flying Squirrel PJ. With optional hand and foot coverings, the sleeper is just as cozy as the Zippy, but made for sizes 2T-5T. And most importantly, the fabrics are not treated with chemical flame retardants.

The Flying Squirrels will be available on zipadeezip.com later this summer for $34.95 each, and will come in a variety of animal and graphic prints designed by Parker.