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Fresh Nursery Décor

Gorgeous art blocks from Red Tile Studio

We’ve had our eye on the smart décor at Red Tile Studio for a while. But it’s the sweet new spring-inspired art blocks that we’re seriously digging. Crafted by local mom-daughter designers Darleen Ingraham and Amber Ingraham Espinosa, the blocks come in two sizes (5” x 5” and 8” x 8”) and three finishes (walnut stain, light gray paint, and a new gray stain that shows the natural grain).

Ingraham-Espinosa, who has a degree in anthropology, conceptualized the new paintings that combine regional birds, trees, and wildflowers in neutral grays with pops of mint and coral. You can select any blocks found in the made-to-order Etsy shop. Or, if you have a theme in mind, choose from a custom color palette and the designers will help arrange a complementary set of blocks. The blocks are $250 for the set of nine or $29 each.