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Don't Mess With Texas Heat

Hot weather safety tips from two local experts

Texas heat can be killer. Literally. We were reminded of this just a few weeks ago when 1-year-old Victoria Marks was found dead in the back seat of her mother’s sweltering car. The mom, a local school teacher, claims to have forgotten her toddler was in the car. And since that's not the only recent story of its kind, we chatted with Jesus Alderete, Coordinator of Injury Prevention Services at Children’s Medical Center of Dallas and Ashley Young, Senior Marketing Specialist at Children's Medical Center of Dallas about how to keep the summer a safe one. Though seemingly obvious, their heatstroke-prevention tips are worth repeating: never leave a child alone in a car—not even for one minute; keep cars locked when not in them so kids can’t get in on their own; and put something in the back of your car next to your child (handbag, cell phone) that you'll need at your final destination. Because although it seems impossible that you'd forget your baby in the car, it apparently happens. And while we're on the topic of summer safety, here are some super-useful pool and water reminders from our pediatric expert, Dr. JJ Levenstein.