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Dinnertime Lifesavers

Family meals without the hassle

There’s no shame in drive-thru when the meals are decent. For last-minute dinner emergencies, we’re all about the window at Start Restaurant (4814 Greenville Ave., 214.265.1411) in Lakewood, where the milk is organic; the eggs are cage-free; and the beef is free-range and grass-fed. Plus you won’t find anything fried, or made with hydrogenated oils, corn syrup, or aspartame. Over in North Dallas, you’ll smell the mesquite burning on the grill as soon as you pull up to the window at Beck’s Prime (5931 Forest Ln., 972.661.8681), where hearty butterflied grilled hot dogs, gourmet burgers, and wood-fired queso with parmesan crisps are balanced out with lighter choices like seared ahi tuna and salads. And while southern classics like King Ranch casserole and Beef Enchiladas aren’t exactly hard to come by in Dallas, we love that Short Stop on Royal (6025 Royal Ln., 214.265.8828) delivers them curb side. Call in your order for salads and sandwiches, or full-on meals like beef stroganoff and chicken ziti; they’ll pop out and place it on your front seat when you arrive. This time of year, we’re up for anything that means one less time strapping a bundled baby in and out of a car seat.