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Cool Mom Q&A: Candice Romo

<p>Broadcast journalist, Cowboys’ First Lady, and new Dallas mom</p>

It would seem easy to envy Candice Romo. The former Miss Missouri is, yes, beautiful; she also has an impressive career in broadcast journalism and an adorable son with a cool nickname like Hawk. Oh, and did we mention she’s married to an NFL quarterback? But spend a few minutes with the new mom and you’ll be charmed by her down-to-earth attitude and hands-on parenting style. We caught up Candice to chat career, Cowboys and candy.
StrollerTraffic: You left your role at the CW33 . . . are you back to work?  
Candice Romo: Yes, I am back to work—as a full-time mommy. Maybe one day I’ll get back in front of the camera, but for right now, I am enjoying the time at home with Hawk. It’s amazing how your heart, interests, and passions can change once you have a child.
ST: Amen to that. So, how did you and Tony settle on the name Hawkins?  
CR: Tony came up with it way before we even knew the gender, and I wasn’t too keen on the idea. But I just kept telling myself not to worry about it until we found out what the sex was. Then when we found out it was a boy . . . It took me longer, but I fell in love with the name, and can’t picture anything differently.

ST: Well, for what it’s worth. We love the name! Where in Dallas do you like to shop for Hawkins?  
CR: Baby Bliss has the cutest clothes and by far the best customer service.

ST: It’s on our list of faves as well. What about play time? Where are some of your favorite play spots in Dallas?
CR: Because Hawk is still so little, we don’t have a ton of places that I can take him yet. But I can’t wait to take him to the Dallas Museum of Nature & Science. The science museum was one of my favorite places and I look forward to enjoying that with him one day.

ST: What else do you love about raising a baby in Dallas?
CR: Dallas has the best mixture of urban and suburban lifestyles. There are several suburban communities in Dallas that are family oriented, beautiful and safe. At the same time, Dallas has the best nightlife, so if Tony and I want to go downtown for dinner we feel like we can reconnect as a couple.
ST: What makes it challenging?
CR: The heat can be a big problem! I try and take Hawkins for a walk every day, but regardless of how early we get up, it can still be to hot to get him out.

ST: Any Dallas gurus you find especially helpful when it comes to being a new mom?
CR: My mom. She lives only 20 minutes away, and her advice, guidance, and help is priceless.

ST: Lucky you! Since we don’t have access to your mom, what’s the one thing you think every Dallas mom needs?
CR: The BabyBjörn. I love that piece of equipment. I use it when I go to the store, around the house, and even for walks. It’s great when you need two hands.

ST: What do you think people would be most surprised to find in your diaper bag?
CR: Candy, but it’s not for Hawk. I have a serious sugar problem and I need a fix every now and then.
ST: We’ll keep your secret. So now that fall is here, what are you most looking forward to doing with Hawkins—other than watching football?
CR: I can’t wait to take him trick-or-treating. It’s one of those things that you remember as a child and I can’t wait to give Hawk those same memories of dressing up and going door-to-door.

ST: It’s the best! Okay, last question: what’s your favorite piece of Cowboys gear that Hawkins wears?
CR: I love putting him in his Tony Romo jersey onesie. But instead of the name “Romo” on the back of it, it says “Daddy.”
ST: OMG. Too stinkin’ cute.