Hot weather safety tips from two local experts
Texas heat can be killer. Literally. We were reminded of this just a few weeks ago when 1-year-old Victoria Marks was found dead in the back seat of her mother’s sweltering car. The mom, a local school teacher, claims t…
Dirk Ebel gets little ones comfortable in the water
There are plenty of people who could teach a toddler to swim, but we like the idea of entrusting our little ones' water safety to a real pro. Not only is Dirk Ebel the St. Mark's varsity swim coach, but … Continued
Powder sunscreen is one way to go

Skincare experts say the most effective sunscreen is the rub-it-in kind. But for a quickie application—or for squirmy, squealing toddlers—we like the idea of brushing it on, fairy-dust style.

Hip Peas is one way to end hair-brushing battles

We all agree that toddler hair care should be free of the toxic stuff. But it’s nice when it actually works, too.