5 worthy events for little ones

A lot of effort goes into a toddler’s costume. Might as well milk the thing until the threads come loose.

Shop owners dish about their fall fashion faves

It certainly doesn’t feel like fall yet. But now’s the time to shop for tweeds and cable knits. To help us get in the mood, we asked three of our favorite Dallas baby boutiques about their favorite finds fo…

Silhouette guru Karl Johnson heads to Dallas

iPhone snapshots of your kids are great for Facebook, but you can’t exactly hang them on your wall. Instead, we love the chic, retro-classic appeal of silhouette cutouts.

Gearing up the little ones for football season

Tonight is the season opener for Dallas. (Well, for preseason, anyway.) Which means it’s time to start the brainwashing.

Bid for adorable baby clothes online

A baby just ain’t Southern without some smocking in the closet. That’s why two Dallas moms launched Smocked Auctions, a clever company that sells discounted smocked apparel for babies via Facebook comments.…

Three Dallas designers we dig

It feels good to buy locally made products. Especially when they’re sold online—meaning we can shop from the comfort of our air-conditioned homes. Right now, we’re really digging the cute stuff from these D…

Custom onesies for dapper tots

DIY rocks a lot of moms’ worlds. But it bores some, and scares the BeDazzler out of others. That’s why there are companies like We Choose Joy.