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Because Toddlers Like Animals

The new petting farm at Fritz Park is a sure thingĀ 

Throughout June and July, Fritz Park in Irving will be home to a sweet petting farm with chickens, African cows, donkeys, goats (including two newborns), sheep, turkeys, rabbits, peacocks, and a miniature horse. Children will also be able to view chicks at various stages of development—and if your timing is right, they may even get to watch eggs hatch in an incubator.

The petting farm is free, clean, and nicely shaded (bonus!). There’s even a crayon room, where kids can take a break from the heat to color animal-themed coloring pages. Be sure to pack a lunch; there are plenty of picnic tables. Open Tuesday through Saturday, 10am to 6pm; Sunday, 2-6pm.

Fritz Park Petting Farm
312 E. Vilbig Rd., Irving
972.721.2640; cityofirving.org