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Awesome Baby Gifts

Classic wooden toys, made locally

Not that modern playthings aren't fun, but there's something refreshing about a simple set of wooden blocks—made the old-fashioned way.
Local craftsman and former teacher Don Riemer began making cutting boards in his Dallas garage ten years ago, but has since extended his carving talent to building blocks, pattern cubes, miniature log sets, and puzzles. You can buy his thoughtful pieces in the children’s section at Lake Highland's Gecko Hardware (10233 E Northwest Hwy., #409, 214.343.1971), where you’ll find his newest creation, stringing beads, inspired by his 2-year-old granddaughter. A log house set is $15-22; basic block set, $10; and puzzle, $10. Riemer works with all types of wood, often walnut, and is willing to do custom orders for child-size stools, tables, and toy boxes, too.
Don Riemer
Custom Woodcrafter