Postpartum Fitness, Digitized
Understanding that the new mom lifestyle is all about efficiencies, Koko FitClub employs digital technology to create targeted workouts for postpartum mothers. The Fit Mom program, as it's called, begins with a full body assessment (body composition, lean mus…
Glass and toddlers? We know. Odd combination. But on the first Friday and second Saturday of every month, local artist Carlyn Ray (who designed the cool glassware at Nobu, pictured) opens her Design District studio to curious onlookers—and shows them … Contin…
Clubbing With Babies
Babies and nightclubs are an odd combination. But we’ve heard good things about Disco Kids, the new one-Friday-a-month dance party at the It’ll Do Club in East Dallas. Starting at 6pm, parents and their children can rock out to 13-year-old … Continued
Instructions For Babies
Plenty of Dallas moms have hit up Bed Rest Concierge for help during the newborn days. After all, they'll complete your nursery, run your errands—whatever you need. And now they're teaching, too. Led by Bed Rest founder Stephanie D. Johnson, … Continued
Fine Art For Toddlers
Museum outings aren't always ideal for little ones, but since the Kimbell Art Museum is throwing a (free!) Family Celebration Weekend, we’re game. During the fest, guests can take on tot-friendly art projects (like making mobiles and stamping snowflakes); go …
A New Kind Of Tummy Time
We’re fans of anything that can help strengthen that mom-and-baby bond. So we’re intrigued by the idea behind Tumtee Close Knits, a new line of t-shirts designed specifically to help moms interact with their babies. The soft cotton tees feature … Continued
Raise A Do-Gooder
Philanthropy isn't an easy word for a toddler to say—or understand, but the holidays are a great time to introduce the concept. Here are some local, non-intimidating ways to start.   Captain Hope’s Kids is running a toy drive for … Continued
Having a beer when you’re out with the kids can be tricky, but it can be done. Here, a few great local beer gardens that welcome little ones. The Lot (7530 East Grand Ave., East Dallas) specializes in locally sourced … Continued
Be A Better Gift Giver
Chances are, the new mom in your life already has enough onesies and washcloths. For something a bit more special, look for a gift at one of these less obvious shops. Print studio We Are 1976 (1902 N. Henderson Ave., Knox) … Continued
'Tis The Season, For Family Photos
Leave the matching Santa pajamas at home (please), and head to one of these quintessential Dallas spots—suggested by some of our favorite local photographers—to shoot your holiday card photo. Leanne Pyle of Tin Owl Photography recommends Lee Park in Uptown … …
Fab Birthday Spots
No one wants sloppy seconds on birthday party venues. Here are three cool ideas that will probably be new to your crew. Through January 5, 2014, the Curious George: Let’s Get Curious! exhibit at the Fort Worth Museum of Science … Continued
Veggie Nirvana
Fried dough and roller coasters don’t sit well with babies, which is why we shy away from fairs. But the Texas Veggie Fair has caught our attention. Taking place on October 20 at Reverchon Park, the fair will be packed … Continued
Her First Mani-Pedi
Taking a little one for a manicure ranks high on our list of mother-daughter milestones. But finding a clean, safe, and non-toxic salon is key. Here, a few of our favorite local spots. Sweet and Sassy has three just-for-girls locations, … Continued
Most moms we know let toddlers tamper with their phones, which means most of us eventually end up with a cracked screen or water damage at some point. (And of course we need it fixed fast.) Here, some local cell … Continued
We're jealous of downtown parents who can now buy all their organic groceries in one fab store: opened last week, Urban Orchard Market is the first health-conscious grocery store within the downtown loop. Besides a stellar array of organic and … Continued