Air Conditioned Entertainment. Fist Pump.
Families who jam to Lizza Connor's super-catchy tunes may be psyched to hear that the local musician (and mom of three) will be playing two live shows this month—both indoors. Head to the Audelia Road Branch of the Dallas Public Library (10045 … Continued
Digital schmigital. We prefer to keep our baby announcements old school, with a pretty paper proclamation. And no, old school does not have to mean old-fashioned. Dallas stationer Heather Wiese, founder of bell’INVITO, weighs in on how to make announcements ……
Because Toddlers Like Animals
Throughout June and July, Fritz Park in Irving will be home to a sweet petting farm with chickens, African cows, donkeys, goats (including two newborns), sheep, turkeys, rabbits, peacocks, and a miniature horse. Children will also be able to view … Continued
Not Your Everyday Handmade
It's not often that you see handmade children's dresses sewn by a designer with a fashion pedigree. But local blogger and mom of three, Jenna Kingman, is the real deal; she studied fashion design at the University of Texas at … Continued
Fresh Nursery Décor
We’ve had our eye on the smart décor at Red Tile Studio for a while. But it’s the sweet new spring-inspired art blocks that we’re seriously digging. Crafted by local mom-daughter designers Darleen Ingraham and Amber Ingraham Espinosa, the blocks … Continued
Get Them To Sleep. Fast.
Swaddle weaning can be a nightmare. Some moms we know swear by the Zipadee-Zip, a star-shaped wearable blanket that gives babies a womblike balance of resistance and freedom as they develop. So it’s great to hear that Stephanie Parker, the … Continued
Have The Cutest Baby At The Pool
The most important aspect of pool season is sunscreen application, of course. But showing off your baby in precious swimwear is a close second. The new Belk store at the Galleria Dallas (13350 Dallas Pkwy., 972.702.7100) has a nice selection … Continued
We’ve had our eye on Smocked Auctions since it launched its unique Facebook flash sale concept four years ago. But now the Dallas-based brand has really grabbed our attention: known for its precious handmade baby wear, Smocked Auctions has teamed … Continued
The City’s Cutest Newborns
Mandrills may be the largest monkeys in the world, but the new baby one at the Dallas Zoo is a teeny little thing. Head over to the Wilds of Africa exhibit to spot Obi, born on March 28, who's usually … Continued
Don't Raise A City Slicker
City kids need a dose of outdoor education every once in a while. And now's a good time to squeeze it in. In May, Babes in the Woods will be hosting 45-minute nature walks at the Bob Jones Nature Center … Continued
Awesome Baby Gifts
Not that modern playthings aren't fun, but there's something refreshing about a simple set of wooden blocks—made the old-fashioned way. Local craftsman and former teacher Don Riemer began making cutting boards in his Dallas garage ten years ago, but has … Con…
Good Times At The Dentist
Moms with toddlers who don't have a total conniption at the dentist office are damn lucky. For the rest of us, the best hope is one of these offices that bend over backwards for tykes. Dr. J Diane Colter has … Continued
Art Appreciation For Beginners
Art museums and toddlers can be an odd combo. But the Dallas Museum of Art is trying to make it work. Their new Art to Go family totes are packed with activities to guide children as young as 3 through … Continued
As the former owner and designer of Baby Bean and founding editor of now-defunct Small Magazine, Christine Visneau knows a thing or two about kid fashion. These days, she’s a freelance fashion stylist and art director working on various children’s … Continued…
Understanding that the new mom lifestyle is all about efficiencies, Koko FitClub employs digital technology to create targeted workouts for postpartum mothers. The Fit Mom program, as it's called, begins with a full body assessment (body composition, lean mus…