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There Are Others

The Mama Tribe brings new moms together

New motherhood can make you feel like a lunatic. Commiserating with other new moms helps. To that end, the Mama Tribe has opened in Oak Park, as a prenatal and new parent education and support center.

Started by local mom Corazon Ballantine, the Mama Tribe places special emphasis on natural childbirth—you can take multi-week courses in everything from HypnoBirthing (5 weeks, $300 per couple) to the Bradley Method (12 weeks, $325 per couple). You can also join a mama group (5 weeks, $90), get a prenatal massage (from $85), an in-home breastfeeding consultation, or take Mama & Babe (or Vinyasa) yoga classes ($16 per class).

The Mama Tribe

Medical Arts Building

715 Lake St., Suite 271, Oak Park