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Organic Baby Food, Delivered

Petit Organics launches in Chicago

We give major props to moms who make their own baby food. But for the rest of us, it's very exciting that Petit Organics has just opened in Chicago. The homemade (and totally organic) baby food delivery service is run by local mom Jen Vasey, who whips up wheat-free and additive-free blends like apples and zucchini; pear, oat, and cinnamon; and seasonal variations like butternut squash and golden beets. All foods are prepared 24 hours before delivery and are guaranteed fresh (in the fridge) for four days. Opt for the variety pack, or customize your order by choosing your baby's favorite flavors. A three-day package ($42) contains nine 4-ounce containers of stage one (4 to 7 months) or stage two (8 months and older) purees, and is dropped at your door in an insulated bag every Monday and Thursday, during one of three time slots. Orders should be placed on the website at least 48 hours in advance of your delivery date.