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Oh, The Laundry

Pressbox gets it finished fast

Getting help with the laundry is a sure way to regain some sanity. Enter Pressbox, a new service that invites users to open an account online, stash dry cleaning or laundry in one of 31 designated lockers around town, and pick it up from that same locker two days later. Just deliver the dirties, text them your code, and they’ll pick up, press, wash, fold, and return everything.

We love that they use green, anti-perchloroethylene practices and appreciate their attention to detail—they provide note cards and stickers so you can indicate any specific needs, and will hold your clean clothes for up to ten days. They’ll even do minor alterations, like fixing missing buttons, for free. Dry cleaning runs $1.50 for a shirt, $4 blouse, and $5 sweater; laundry is $1.50 per pound. You can drop off and pick up 24/7 and they’re working on opening more locations.