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Get The Car Seat Right

The folks at Birthways, Inc. have added car seat safety checks and consultations to their list of support services for new parents. Led by Angel Mattes, a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician, appointments include a thorough once-over of the seat to make sure it’s properly assembled and threaded correctly, as well as a rundown on adjusting the harness and seat angle and a review of your car’s specifications on airbags. She'll also cover LATCH weight limits and tethering, check for recalls, and discuss when to graduate your little one to the next phase of car seat safety. There’s a fit test for tots who attend the appointment, so straps and head support can be adjusted. Don't forget to have your car seat manual and vehicle owner’s manual on hand. You'll leave with a copy of the inspection report. Car seat checks are held in the Lakeview office (3717 N Ravenswood Ave, Suite 140; 888.506.0607) and cost $50 ($25 if you’ve already taken one of their previous car seat safety classes). House calls are an additional $25.