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Dinner Is Served

Yummy food for little ones

Local parents Jennifer Chow and Steve Minisini were spending hours a day making homemade food for their baby when they came up with a way to make the process easier for other moms and dads. Nurture Life is an organic meal delivery service for babies and children 4 months and up. Recipes are designed and portioned for each age group by a culinary team and pediatric registered dietitians. Meals begin with single ingredient purees (like butternut squash), then move up to chunkier blends (ratatouille veggies in tomato and thyme puree) and diced-up finger foods. Once they hit the toddler years, a meal may consist of oven-roasted chicken tenders with mashed yams and green beans. The food is cooked and prepared in Nurture Life’s nut-free Chicago kitchen and delivered fresh to your door. Pricing starts at $45 for one week of eight meals. Sign up online.