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All Babies Should Be This Adorable

The Lincoln Park Zoo shows off its newest arrivals

It could take half a day to spot all the new baby animals at the Lincoln Park Zoo. And we’re fine with that. Start at the antelope and zebra area, where you should be able to catch a glimpse of the tiny male takin (a Himalayan goat and antelope mix) born to mom Jinse on April 23. Then on to the Helen Branch Primate House, where a newborn crowned lemur (born April 14, and yet to be named) keeps close to his parents and two brothers. But the best sighting of all may be the mini troop of kangaroo joeys ready to emerge from their moms' pouches any day now.

There's also a baby kilpspringer (in the antelope family) calf, who was born on March 30 but isn't out for viewing yet—she needs some extra care behind the scenes. However, your little ones can help pick out her name by voting before Wednesday; they'll announce the winning moniker on Thursday.

Lincoln Park Zoo

2001 N. Clark St., Lincoln Park

312.742.2000; lpzoo.org