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Aching Muscles, Gone

The best prenatal massages in town

Tired muscles, achy backs, swollen feet. There’s nothing—and we mean nothing—that can relieve pregnancy woes quite like a great massage. Here, we’ve rounded up a few of the best local soothing treatments for expecting moms.

The Ruby Room’s (1743 W. Division St., Wicker Park; 773.235.2323) prenatal Enerssage starts with a healing ritual, aura card selection, and corresponding aroma infused spray. Using organic essential oils and a side-lying position, the 60-minute ($100) or 90-minute ($150) service increases lymphatic circulation, helps decrease swelling, eases back pain, and promotes a restful sleep.

If you've got four hours to spare, spend it at Dita Day Spa (58 E. Walton St., Gold Coast; 312.337.0777), where the Mother to Be package ($266) includes an ultra-sensitive facial, prenatal massage, manicure and pedicure, and a shampoo with blow out. Heaven.

Besides addressing the usual aches and pains, Urban Oasis’s (12 W. Maple St., Gold Coast; 312.587.3500 and 939 W. North Ave., Lincoln Square; 312.640.0001) prenatal massage uses Swedish techniques to help combat digestive issues and nausea. Plus, you get to lie face down on their specially designed prenatal table. Bonus. Massages are available in 30 minute ($65), 60 minute ($100) and 90 minute ($150) increments.