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We Can Handle The Heating

Cuisine en Locale delivers ready-to-eat vegetarian meals

As fans of Cuisine en Locale's farm-to-table approach, we were psyched to hear about their new vegetarian-only meal delivery service. Sourced from locals farms and prepared from scratch by professional chefs, the meals are heavy on proteins from eggs, cheese, and bean-and-grain combos—with plenty of seasonal veggies in the mix. There are various kid-friendly options, such as mac and cheese, butternut squash and sweet potato fries, pear muffins, and shortbread dunking cookies with grapefruit and ricotta crème. Yum.
Once-a-week delivery (to pick-up locations throughout downtown Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville) costs $145 and includes eight to ten heat-and-eat meals. Order week-to-week, or buy monthly packs online. Just be sure to place your order by 5pm on Fridays to catch the Tuesday delivery.