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IKEA has recalled about 4 million SMILA-series wall-mounted lamps, sold from July 1999 through May 2013 in star, moon, flower, heart, bug, seashell, and seahorse shapes, because of a strangulation hazard. For details about affected models and how to obtain a …

We're digging Boon's new Fleet stacking boats, which are great for scooping and pouring and floating (and rinsing), take up almost no storage space, won't get moldy, and have little drain holes on top, so you can flip 'em over and make it rain. Pre-order for …

Manhattan Group has recalled about 12,500 Quixel rattles sold from September 2011 through October 2013 because the colored arches (which hold sliding beads) can break, creating a choking hazard. For details and refund information, visit

What Not To Buy.

Two nonprofit groups have released their lists of the worst toys of 2013. In case you want to check your own list twice, the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood's list is here and World Against Toys Causing Harm's list is here.