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Not Your Usual Baby Gifts

You won’t find these gems just anywhere

Here's the thing about buying baby gifts at baby stores: chances are the recipient has already seen (or bought, or been given) whatever you select. We're all shopping at the same places, after all. For something unique, try one of these unexpected sources instead.

The MIT Museum Gift Shop (265 Mass Ave., Cambridge) stocks a surprising amount of cute baby stuff. We're digging the Fred & Friends pacifier (pictured, $12) with a volume dial (if only it worked); Silly Souls’ “Thinking Cap” beanies ($15); construction-themed toddler utensils from Constructive Eating (prices vary), and a rotating selection of onesies with cheeky math equations and slogans ($23).

Known for staging foodie events around the city, Eat Boston also happens to sell adorable food-themed merch, like this Guacaholics onesie ($17).

Among all the great books at the Curious George shop (1 JFK St., Harvard Square), you can find sweet baby clothes—like this Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus onesie ($24).

Most people know Kendall Square’s Xylem (287 Third St., Cambridge) for its stylish kitchen gadgets, stationery, and modern home décor. But there's also a kids’ section with cool gifts. The selection is always changing, but count on a quirky assortment of books with pop-culture themes: Star Trek Book of Opposites ($9.95) and Darth Vader and Son ($14.95) are definitely fun departures from Goodnight, Moon.