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Let The Splashing Begin

Where to find the best sprinkler shoes 

Water shoes top the list of toddler kicks that should be properly fitted. So we've rounded up the stores around town stocking our favorite waterproof numbers—because sprinkler (and beach, and pool) season is almost here. Really, it is.
At Coco Baby, you can grab a pair of Mini Melissa’s ultra-durable, cap-toed Polibolha waterproof sneakers ($55), in black or pink. Tadpole carries stretchy iPlay swim shoes in pink or blue ($12.95), with no-slip soles. Mulberry Road stocks See Kai Run’s brand-new sandal line, See Kai Runners, for toddler boys and girls ($39-$44). And kiddie shoe temple the Barn has Keen’s super-sturdy Newport line for toddlers featuring cute motifs like whales and sharks ($39.99-$49.99). The mesh-lined sandals are machine washable, shrink- and stretch-proof. All good choices for the Christian Science Splash Fountain.