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Farm-To-Spoon Baby Food

Lovage Babyblends launches (yet another) delivery service

Seems quite a few people had the same idea at the same time: Boston needs a baby food delivery service. Lovage Babyblends is the third puree-making-and-delivering operation to set up shop in recent months. Their debut offerings—golden beets; minty peas; and spinach, kale, and carrots—are delivered within 24 hours of being blended, and keep in the refrigerator for up to 4 days (or can be frozen). We love that they source ingredients from local organic farms—and call out their specific farm partners on their website. We also love that they deliver by bike (to home, office, or daycare—as long as someone's around to put it in the fridge), weather permitting. Alternatively, customers can arrange to pick up the purees at Mulberry Road (128 Newbury St., Boston) or Hatched (5 Green St., JP) on Tuesdays or Fridays. Purees are packed in recyclable containers and a reusable insulated cooler. Each 4-ounce puree costs $4; there's a minimum order of nine purees ($36). http://www.lovagebabyblends.com