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Crash Courses On Parenting

New classes at Diaper Lab

If only babies came with instructions. New classes at Diaper Lab cover the basics. Sign up for a doula-taught breastfeeding class to learn about latching, positioning, reading hunger cues, and troubleshooting; or a Newborn Care class that covers diapering, swaddling, and bathing. There are also New Dad workshops that offer ways to soothe and feed baby, tips to support partners, and sleep tricks and techniques. Beginning in March, Diaper Lab will roll out baby-wearing tutorials on specific topics, like back carries and how to use wraps—taught by Crystal Waller, a leader at Babywearing International of Greater Boston.

Most of the 90-minute classes cost around $20 to $45; babies are welcome at most, but check the registration page for more info.

Diaper Lab
200 Elm St., Somerville
617.764.0192; diaperlab.com