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Cool Mom Q&A: Rebecca Roth Gullo

Dining-with-tots advice from a restaurateur

The casual vibe at Rebecca Roth Gullo’s South End restaurant, the Gallows, makes it great spot for a meal with the kids. (The food is pretty awesome, too.) Gullo is also mom to 16-month-old Gigi, who is already getting a taste of the Boston restaurant scene. Here, we chat with Gullo about being a restaurateur and what it’s like to raise a little foodie of her own.
StrollerTraffic: We love the Gallows and certainly feel comfortable bringing our children there. But what's your philosophy on having kids in the restaurant?
Rebecca Roth Gullo: Luckily, the Gallows is very family-friendly. Kids can run around and go nuts, because it's loud here. I made the restaurant that way on purpose, because it's so stressful as a parent to bring your kid out. 
ST: Yes. Yes, it is. Where do you and Gigi go to eat?
RRG: It's tough, because she has a peanut allergy, but we definitely find our way. We go to the South End Buttery—my kid would eat a chocolate croissant five times a day if I let her. We also go to Wholy Grain. Gigi likes an egg sandwich on a croissant with cheddar and Canadian bacon or ham. We either call ahead for a table, or hang out at Ringgold Park while we wait. Myers + Chang is really accommodating, too. Ice cream places are generally out, but J.P. Licks has soft-serve, which is safe.

ST: You put in some late hours working. How do you manage to balance work and family?
RRG: When Gigi was first born, my husband took her out every single night, literally from the time she was one week old until eight months, so I could rest. He has his own Baby Bjorn, because he's six feet tall. They'd go to a bar every night. No joke, this girl has been to every restaurant within walking distance. He'd go to Sweet Cheeks and stand up at the bar, and the chef, Tiffani Faison, would just send out food. He'd hold the plate over Gigi's head. Or he'd go to Toro or Coppa, because they're loud. It was great for me; I got to sleep.
ST: Sleep is key. What about shopping for Gigi? Any favorite stores in town?
RRG: Tadpole. They have parent rewards where you get money back the more you shop. They make terrific recommendations, and they gift wrap everything. When it's nice out, we go to SoWa to get fun artisanal stuff, let the kids run around, and the food trucks are terrific.

ST: Well, here's to its being nice out. Hopefully soon.