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Cool Mom Q&A: Cibeline Sariano

Style advice from a local fashion maven

It's a good week if we can spend some time exercising (and lounging) in Cibeline Sariano’s fab yoga line, Ena. Sariano has serious style, not to mention an adorable 22-month-old girl. So our Boston editor caught up with the local designer to talk fashion, shopping, and where to head when mama needs a drink.

StrollerTraffic: Josie is one stylish little girl. Where do you shop for her?
Cibeline Sariano: I absolutely covet Jacadi. The quality is second to none. And my mom is French, so it kind of feels like home to me. I'm also a huge fan of See Kai Run http://www.seekairun.com shoes. The construction and quality is terrific.

ST: Ah, Jacadi. Sigh. How would you describe Josie's style?
CS: She's a redhead with milky skin and blue eyes, so she looks good in bold colors. I love mixing it up with lots of stripes and polka dots. If I could dress her in head-to-toe Oilily all the time, I would.

ST: Any challenges in dressing in her?
CS: Well, Josie is tall and slender, and I wish more companies made adjustable-waist pants, with snaps. Her pants are always falling down. I wish I had that problem.

ST: Hah. Us, too. What about her nursery? Where did you find the décor?
CS: My girlfriends bought me a bunch of stuff from Tadpole.  I love their mobiles. And I still need to check out Coco Baby in the South End. People rave about it.

ST: And where do you shop for baby gifts?
CS: Davis Squared in Somerville. Before I was a mom, I'd get all of my baby gifts there. They have fantastic onesies, funky socks, and the owner has a terrific sense of humor.

ST: What about dining out? What are some of your local favorites for family meals?
CS: Temezcal in the Seaport. El Centro in the South End. Jose's in Cambridge. Do you detect a theme here? They're all kid-friendly restaurants with great margaritas.
ST: Cheers to that!