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Chef-Made Baby Food On Your Doorstep

Lil’ Foodie delivers organic purees

It's okay if you don't make your baby's food from scratch. Especially now that Lil' Foodie is delivering organic baby food in and around Boston. The company was recently founded by career childcare providers who wanted to give parents a fresh-food alternative to store-bought purees. They tapped chef Seth Fernald, executive chef at Cambridge's Tatte (and a dad), who creates new recipe combinations every week, based on what's in season. Choose from single-ingredient (additive-free) purees like simply apple and simply pear, or combos such as carrot-yogurt-flaxseed and roasted squash with cinnamon-all sourced from local farms. The purees are meant for "stage one" babies who are just beginning solids; Lil' Foodie will expand their menu for older babies in next few months. Each Lil' Pack ($20) contains nine 4-ounce (BPA-free, freezable, recyclable) containers packed in a cooler that they'll pick up on your next delivery.

Lil' Foodie
Available in Boston, Somerville, Cambridge, and Brookline