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Baby Book 2.0

An easy way to save your memories

Qeepsake has come up with the easiest way ever to create a baby book. The locally based company helps parents maintain an online baby journal by texting age-specific questions. Replies are automatically stored in an online journal, where parents can easily access their entries. Responses can be edited or expanded upon later, and entries and photos can be added at anytime with just a text. So if you snap a picture of baby’s first smile or want to note your tot’s new favorite food, you can quickly add it to the journal and get back to making more memories. Qeepsake also offers an option to create a printed book, which can be expanded so you won’t worry about missing future precious moments. Qeepsake Lite is available with limited features for free, and paid plans start at $1.99 per month. Sign up online for a free two-week trial.