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A New Twist On Baby Yoga

“MOGA” classes kick off in the South End

It seems like the whole babies-doing-yoga thing is here to stay. To that end, the Community Music Center of Boston is offering a new approach: MOGA (as in musical yoga). The music school and performance space kicked off classes last week, for babies and toddlers ages 5 months and up. Each hour-long class incorporates baby-friendly poses, plus songs, stories, and imaginative play. Adults get to stretch and relax a little, too (in theory, anyway). Classes are led by certified yoga instructors and music teachers with senses of humor and plenty of patience.
Sessions run through mid-April; drop-ins are $15, or you can pick up a pass for the rest of the semester for a pro-rated fee. Mat rentals are $1. MOGA is offered Mondays at 9am (for babies newborn to crawling), Wednesdays at 5pm (for toddlers ages 1 to 3), and Fridays at 9am (for toddlers ages 1 to 3). Caregivers are welcome. Note: Groups with strollers should enter at 537 Tremont St.
Community Music Center of Boston
34 Warren Ave., South End
617.482.7494; cmcb.org