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100 Reasons To Raise Kids In Boston

Man, do we love this place

Today we’re celebrating the 100th issue of StrollerTraffic Boston (woo hoo!). To honor our awesome city, here are 100 reasons (just the top 100, mind you) we think this is the best place in the world to raise a child.

1. Swan boats.
2. The Public Garden in spring.
3. Walden Pond day trips.
4. That dirty water.
5. Make Way for Ducklings.
6. Seriously amazing treats at Flour.
7. Getting to the ocean or the mountains in less than an hour.
8. The Boston Children’s Museum.
9. The Franklin Park Zoo.
10. The world’s only Curious George store.
11. Babysitters who come from Harvard and MIT.
12. We pioneered equality for all families.
13. J.P. Licks. Yum.
14. Tots with wicked cute accents.
15. Dim sum at Winsor Café.
16. Cannoli from Modern Pastry.
17. Historical surroundings.
18. The Freedom Trail.
19. Holiday lights at Downtown Crossing.
20. Brunch at the Gallows.
21. The Boston Fire Museum.
22. July 4th concerts at the Hatch Shell.
23. Public transportation that utilizes real trains.
24. If you can drive here, you can drive anywhere.
25. Hot dogs at Sullivan’s on Castle Island.
26. SOWA Open Market—those food trucks.
27. The Boston Ballet’s Nutcracker.
28. All four seasons.
29. Weekends on the Cape.
30. Walks around Jamaica Pond.
31. The Boston Marathon.
32. Patriots’ Day.
33. The BSO’s family concert series.
34. The Brookline Puppet Showplace Theater.
35. The Children’s Room at the Boston Public Library.
36. Sandwiches from City Feed & Supply.
37. Mayor Menino.
38. Strolling Beacon Hill.
39. The Langham Hotel. Three words: chocolate bar brunch.
40. Frappes at Rancatore’s.
41. Forward-thinking chefs who care about kids’ allergies (thanks, Ming Thai).
42. The Esplanade.
43. The Vineyard.
44. Nantucket.
45. Halloween. In Salem.
46. Skating on the Frog Pond.
47. The New England Aquarium.
48. IMAX movies at the Museum of Science.
49. Magic Beans.
50. Stellabella Toys.
51. Barefoot Books.
52. Pizza and ice cream at Picco.
53. The tree lighting at Boston Common.
54. Strong-rooted families.
55. Our love for indie businesses.
56. The Museum of Fine Arts. Where kids get in free.
57. Trips to Old Sturbridge Village.
58. Shows at the Boston Children’s Theatre.
59. And the Wheelock Family Theatre, too.
60. Sledding at Larz Anderson Park.
61. Anna’s Taqueria for lunch. Fine, and dinner.
62. Playtime at Mama & Me.
63. Bowling at Milky Way right next next door.
64. Play dates at the Clarendon Street Playground.
66. Six degrees of Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Mindy Kaling, Steve Carell, and Conan O’Brien.
67. Lobster rolls.
68. Clam chowder. Really good clam chowder.
69. Full Moon.
70. Tadpole.
71. Classes at Coco Baby.
72. Brunch at Aquitaine.
73. Hikes at the Middlesex Fells.
74. Spring at the Arnold Arboretum.
75. Fall foliage.
76. Outings to Drumlin Farm.
77. Skyline views from the playground at Piers Park.
78. Walkable commutes.
79. Snacks from Wholy Grain.
80. Peter’s Park.
81. Ringgold Park.
82. Splashing in the Christian Science fountain.
83. Patio grill-outs.
84. Spontaneous stoop parties.
85. Peapod.
86. Knowing our postmen.
87. Knowing our doormen.
88. Knowing most childhood diseases will probably be cured at our hospitals.
89. We’re a city of firsts: college, subway, organ transplant, public park.
90. Tough weather equals thick skin.
91. The Celtics.
92. The Bruins.
93. The Patriots.
94. The Red Sox.
95. Wally hits up birthday parties.
96. Kid-and-caregiver classes at the BCAE.
97. We’re passionate about education. Big time.
98. Everybody knows your name.
99. We’ve been raising kids here since 1620—we must know what we’re doing.
100. We’re Boston Strong, in every possible way.