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The ‘Gotta Get It’ List

25 baby products that will save your life

Here’s to the great inventions that make our multi-tasking lives a little easier day by day.

1. The Good Nite Lite teaches early risers to stay quiet until a reasonable hour. $34.99 at goodnitelite.com.

2. With the Basic Comfort Ultimate Crib Sheet, you can change crib bedding without lifting the mattress or untying the bumpers. $19.99 at buybuybaby.com.   

3. Nomie Baby Car Seat Covers make it possible to clean the car seat without completely disassembling the darn thing. $36 at nomiebaby.com.

4. CARES is an FAA-approved five-point harness that enables toddlers to safely sit big-kid style in an airplane seat. $74.95 at kidsflysafe.com.

5. Use a Sippy Straw Cleaner to remove the small-parts gunk that the dishwasher misses. $2.99 at ginseystore.com.

6. Coverplay Slipcovers are a germaphobe’s solution to renting or borrowing a pack n’ play.  From $49.99 at coverplayard.com.

7. Anyone can learn to swaddle a squirmy baby with a Miracle Blanket. $29.95 at miracleblanket.com.

8. The Itzbeen Baby Care Timer helps sleep-deprived parents keep track of the last feed or nap. $19.99 at itzbeen.com.

9. Mashing baby food is much easier with the KidCo BabySteps Food Mill $16.95 at diapers.com

10. Use the HoMedics SoundSpa as a white-noise machine for light sleepers (n.b. Dr. Harvey Karp suggests the “Waterfall” setting.) $19.99 at homedics.com.

11. Convert the car seat into a quasi-stroller for long airport walks with the gogo Kidz Travelmate $89.99 at gogobabyz.com.

12.The tag*a*long makes it easier and safer for toddlers who like to hold onto the stroller. $9.99 at tagalongkids.com.

13. Tiny Bites takes the frustration out of cutting grapes and pasta into toddler bites. $9.99 for two at tinybites.com.

14. The ZoLi Buzz B makes trimming a baby’s nails a lot less scary. $25 at zolibaby.com.

15. The Think King Mighty Buggy Hook is like having an extra set of hands while pushing the stroller. $14.99 for two at think-king.com.

16. Aquababy’s Bath Ring bridges the gap between when your baby outgrows the infant tub sling and is ready to sit big-kid style in the grownup tub. $28.99 at rightstart.com.

17. The Rhoost Edge takes the hideousness out of furniture corner covers. $14.99 at rhoost.com.

18. The StrollAway over-the-closet stroller hook saves major space in small apartments. $39.99 at metrotots.com.

19. Prevent car seat neck bobbing with Baby Elephant Ears. $21.95 at liltulips.com.

20. It’s much easier to change a squirmy baby on a Patemm Changing Pad. From $55 at patemm.com.

21. SugarBooger Splat Mats are a godsend for under-the-high-chair cleaning. $30 at oreoriginals.com.

22. The Puj Tub makes everything about sink-bathing better. $39.99 at babybathtubs.com.

23. SafeFit Snack Pods enable toddlers to be way more self-sufficient on long car rides.  $10.99 for two at bedbathandbeyond.com.

24. The Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer is more accurate and easier to use than the usual ear and rectal versions. $49.99 at drugstore.com

25. American Terry Stroller Covers are great for keeping little backs sweat-free. $58 at americanterry.com.