Bring The Happy To The Breakfast Table.
Happy Family's new line of yogurts are made with organic milk and probiotics with zero added sweeteners.  Happy Baby Cups are an ideal first food, and Happy Tot Cups and Pouches are packed with fruits, veggies, and chia seeds. Available nationwide.…
Itzy Ritzy has introduced the Milk Boss, an infant feeding support, burping pillow, and arm cushion all-in-one. Position baby at the ideal angel for bottle or breastfeeding, then turn baby over for an easy burp. $24.99, at
Warm That Bottle From Bed (Yes, Seriously.)
The First Years Remote Control Bottle Warmer features a one-touch remote to streamline middle-of-the-night feedings: chill a bottle in the unit before bedtime, then warm it up remotely with the touch of a button when baby stirs. $74.99,
Add This To Your Routine.
SpoonfulOne's Daily Food Mix In exposes children's immune systems "early and often" to the most common allergenic foods in an effort to prevent food allergies. Starting at $2.50/day,
Take Lunch To The Next Level.
Little ones pick up new skills quickly, so add Marcus & Marcus Learning Chopsticks to your mealtime fun. They’re animal themed and are hinged to hold the chopsticks in place for tiny fingers. 3-packs from $29.97, at
Drink Up, Baby.
This is the easiest move you'll make all day. Dr. Brown's 2-in-1 Transition Bottle Kit allows you to switch out a nipple for a sippy spout. When baby's ready for a change, you'll have the gear. $7.99,
You'll Never Look At A Bowl The Same Way Again.
The bowl features a straw insert for cereal or soup slurping, handles to help tiny hands, and both a storage cover and a snack cup top. You'll be reaching for it daily (ok, hourly. Trust us). $14, available at
The Yogurt Tube Gets A (Dairy-Free) Update.
Kite Hill, makers of an assortment of dairy-free foods, has introduced almond milk yogurt tubes, made from artisan almond milk yogurt, real fruit, and live cultures.  $4.99/box of 8, available at and nationwide at Whole Foods this fall.
Please Pass The Carrots.
Homemade ice pops get a cool look with the Veggie Pop - Popsicle Maker. Get creative with baby's fav fruits and veggie juices to create new recipes. Baby sees dessert, we see another way to sooth gums. $15.99,
It's All In The Curve.
Kizingo Toddler Spoons are designed from a toddler's POV -- they're curved to mimic the way toddlers want to feed, resulting in less frustration and more self-feeding. For babies and toddlers 9 months+. From $9.99,
Oui by Yoplait is a french style yogurt, poured and set in glass pots, featuring simple ingredients and non-GMO milk.  $1.49, available nationwide.
Brinware uses tempered glass and silicon to create tableware that's as safe as it is durable.  The line features plates, storage containers, placemats, and bibs in bright colors featuring eye-catching scenes.  From $7.49, available at…