Baby bottles come with a lot of parts. The Flower Drying Rack from BÉABA "blooms" open revealing a place for it all, while its sleek compact design keeps your counter clutter-free. $24.95, available for presale at
Never Scrub Another Baby Bottle.
The brand new Bottle Washer from Baby Brezza washes, rinses, sterilizes, and dries up to four bottles (plus feeding accessories) at a time. $200, available at
Boon Makes Drying Bottles Look So Darn Good.
The latest addition to Boon's lineup of countertop drying assistants is the Sprig, which can dry six bottles at a time. Excess water pools in the bottom tray, which pops out for easy cleaning. $12.99, available at
Never Touch Another Dirty Diaper.
These vinyl- and latex-free gloves from Baby Bum transform into dirty diaper sacks for mess-free (and stink-free) changes. $7.99/box of 50. Available at
These Dish (And Bottle) Soaps Smell Delish.
Dapple has just added three scents — mango and melon, apricot, and apple and pear — to its lineup of Dish Liquids. They're all phthalate and paraben-free, and formulated with odor-fighting baking soda to wash away milk residue (and everything else). $5.99, av…
The UviCube uses UV light to sterilize its contents, eliminating 99.9% of bacteria on or in baby bottles, pacifiers, car keys, and other items your tots may come in contact with. $299, available at