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How To Feed Your Kids, Minus The Fuss.

There’s a better way to do this.

Kids and their food can be a fickle pair. The last thing any of us has time for is catering to every last demand—three times a day. Here's a game plan to make mealtime a more sane occasion, whether cooking’s your thing, or not.

You need a strategy. Having to rethink it all every single day will drive you crazy. Check out the planning tactics Jenny Rosenstrach (she’s the author of Dinner: A Love Story employs. Now make them your own. Keep these on-hand. Bon Appetit may be the serious cook’s bible, but their list of pantry essentials is one we can all abide by. Since you’re feeding little people, it’s a good idea to keep a few some pre-made options on-hand, too. Check out the Dr. Praeger’s kids line, Annie’s Homegrown for organic mac ’n cheese and soup, and Ella’s Kitchen’s smoothie fruits for running-out-the-door snacks and diaper bag filler. And. . . go time. For quick dinner ideas when there’s actually a little time to cook, you can’t go wrong with the Dinner: A Love Story Top 10 list. And The Kitchn’s list of cooking tasks for kids even has ways to get toddlers in on the action.